Selasa, 27 April 2010

merepek meraban.

Someone told me I should start writing my blog in English. He said my grammar has turned from bad to worse. I couldn’t believe it at first but when it took me almost an hour just to think about what to write or how to say it right, I finally agree to what he said. Damn.

Anyway, I finished reading Taqwacores, a controversial book written by Michael Muhammad Knight last night. Great book, I must say. Can't wait for the movie to come on DVD in Sungei Wang because I seriously doubt our censorship board wants to play it in the cinema here.

Talking about censors, I think whoever in charge in this board is really funny, unpredictable and very interesting to work with. My advice as a Malaysian, if you want to be a good filmmaker, you have to make a good movie about good Malaysian. No sex, no racism, and nothing against government in it. Make sure you highlight all the elements of 1Malaysia and I bet you'll win at least best director or best picture in our own film festival. Blah blah blah.

And speaking about book-turn-movie, my other favorite book Eat, Pray, Love will be in the cinema as well. It’s a memoir of the author's trip around the world after her divorce, and what she discovered during her travels (very interesting especially when she was in Bali). Her character will be played by great Julia Roberts and my friends in Australia told me that his family/friends in Bali claimed that she was acting a bit like a bitch while she was there. Hahah. I don’t blame her. She's a diva. She has every right to act like one.

Next book that I'm gonna put in my carry-on bag is Air Kisses by Zoe Foster. I bought it in Melbourne last year when I was staying there. I don’t know anything about it really. Perhaps just another chick lit story like Devil Wears Prada or Lipstick Jungle but I'll read it anyway.

OK. I think I babbled enough tonite. You guys should clearly know by now that I don’t have any point to say. So I guess should stop here.

Before that, allow me to ask you guys something, should i just carry on embarrassing myself writing my blog in my broken English? or keep on continue it with my bahasa melayu pasar?

ps: english or malay comments are welcome. i understand both. sedikit-sedikit.

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  1. hey, your english quite marvelous what.. ngee
    and yes, i know this post is basically you practicing your english writing skills again.. ^_^.

    if i were your 'cikgu'.. I'll give A-..

    huhuhu.. kthx. ^_^

  2. you should write your blog in any language you feel comfortable with. mungkin BM, BI, mungkin campur, mungkin perancis. huge part of blogging is about being yourself. :)

  3. ade ak kesah ane 1!! hehe..
    u r great in both languages la bro..
    Bm kew, BI kew.. tatabahase u superb beb..
    xnak try tulis dlam hangul kew??

  4. terry: dah lama x tulis in english. it is quite bad.

    shah: i did learn how to speak french dulu2 but skang dah lupe dah. haha.

    chokio: please eh?

    dong: bahasa hanggul tuh apa? hangguk ko!!! ;p

  5. who said ur englisg is bad to worse?me as ex-english teacher found that ur writing is good what [i am speaking manglish!]'s up to u to write in any language no matter in BM,BI or tamil...up to you which one u feel more comfortable...even though i have to read one by one to understand compare to ai baca sekali harung je kalau u tulis dalam melayu nak rajin buat la dwibahasa...dah macam kamus dewan plak rasa..[apsal byknya ai komen ni..adakah ai pakar bahasa?] ;p

  6. Salam ziarah salam muhibbah dari

    I first time start writing your comment box in broken English... Elizebert Gilbert Eat, Pray, Love will be in the cinema as well emmmm watch in movie trailers aje....yup who said your english is bad to worse your english and writing is good ok... but i'm know litle-litle speaking english ok lah tu.... wehhh litle-litle mana ade dalam kamus...Wehhhh my english dah macam india speak lah plak... berterabur... tak mau lah ... tak pandai pun ...

  7. Buyui: your english is much more better than mine. Cikgu la plak kan...

    Afzai: heheh. Funny la u. What's u mean by ticklish ticklish stock?

  8. Uncle, saya rasa guna BM lagi best kot? sebab bebelan uncle dalam BM tu lagi dahsyat effectnya ye? :D But, depends la ye pada uncle! Ganbatte!

    *tunggu uncle cakap jepun plak :D

  9. ohh am just ex teacher and tht time english teacher was not enough so i have to take the job as chegu englishh bidan terjun cakap campur dgn melayu that time..i am not good actually...but my manglish [malay english] is very fasih u know...ohh no...really merepek meraban already..haha!

  10. hehehe... rs mcm boring je.. bahasa pasar malam lagi best la!

  11. ahaaa. bahasa melayu pasar baru nmpk real. baru nmpk identiti JA klau bm pasar. ;)

    eyh. sejarah cik PS ni start baca blog JA ni sbb rasa best bila bce blog dlm bahasa pasar JA tu la. muahahah

  12. FN: ckp jopun? lom hafal lagi. skang tgh cube nak mahirkan bahasa sakai dulu.

    buyui: oh u speaking london like my mom la. haha. very direct translation one.

    aznee: boring ker?

    PS: oke oke lah... balik kpd bahase ibunda la.

  13. u don't have to toes the coin for it and u don't have to question it...The board for sure will never allow it here in our cntry...but then again, u're smarter than 5th grade dwnload r..kakakaka

  14. Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.

  15. ur english is good la JA..Well, maybe by practising to write in english here will it more perfect rite..?hehe..
    ala tulis dalam bahasa pape pun ok...janji yg buat kite rase selesa & org yang nak bace tu paham.. :)

  16. According to Mohd. Puad Zarkashi, the deputy education minister, speaking English is "weird," adding that Malaysians "should switch to Bahasa Malaysia in order to show pride in the national language. We are polluting our own culture and identity as a nation."

    (Yg penting...ckp nih dlm BI.)

    So Uncle Anggur, you should use bhs melayu pasar malam. For English, try try lah sket, tp jangan banyak sangat yeh...pelik.

    --Dato K

  17. belasah jer mana pun..asal selesa dah ar.tkpun ckp jer spanish.

  18. ray: i keep diamonds. theyre my bestfren.

    katak: kan? asalkan org faham.

    dato K: cam kenal jer....

    akukah: spanish sedikit sedikit bole ah.

  19. JA ~~ janji u bercakap! belasah ja lah apa2 pun bahasa yg you are comfortable with n your readers bleh faham ... kalu cakap bahasa yg orang tak faham .. baiklah guna sign language ja ..kan? btw i kind of suka baca lenggok tulisan you .. english or malay .. no problemo! your blog .. your choice! orang suka dia baca .. samalah juga orang faham dia baca .. tak suka dan tak faham? sendiri mau ingat lah ..

    eat, pray n luv ..

  20. hahahaha...o yeahhh...bgus2...

    I keep my broken hearted...just as a reminder for dat, not to fall in love again...coz its hurt enough already....Just a reminder..miahahhaha

  21. liling: setuju tuh liling....

    ray: aiyo ray, why la like dat. dont keep broken hearted nnt merana diri. rite now u just chillax jer, take things slowly. kalo ada, adala. kalo xder, no harm waiting. x luak pun.