Khamis, 30 Ogos 2012

Taboo yah!

Get ready writers and writer-wannabes.

I am sponsoring another short story writing competition. Amazing, isn't it?!?

Here are the terms and conditions:

 1) The story has to be about a taboo of some sort. If you're not sure what that is, Google it to find out.

 2) The story must be written in English, not Malay. Feel free to use Manglish, Singlish, Indolish in any dialogue if it is relevant to the story though.

3) The story should ideally be between 5 and 5,000 words. Use your imagination and see where it takes you.

Once you are happy with your efforts, send it to me at malayrhapsody(at)hotmail(dot)com. It’s as easy as that.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, 8 October. But the sooner you get it in, the better. It gives me more time to savor your fine words!

The jury will decide the winner in mid October. The winner will then receive a signed copy of Tabu. But the best part is that the winning story will be published in Anak Sastra Online Magazine in its October 2012 edition.

So who's up for the challenge? Grab your pen and paper and get started!!!

9 ulasan:

  1. ok, wajib masuk -skang gi menulis ^^, hehe

  2. Balasan
    1. shaz, kalau terlebih 5000 boleh kan? dan kena bg tajuk ke kat cerpen tu?

  3. Terlebih tu panjang mana? Kalo terlebih 100 words okelah, x payah meleret sgt.

    N kenalah bagi tajuk. Kalo xde tajuk, nak panggil apa cerpen tu?

  4. tak faham. nak karang taboo versi english? mcm alih bahasa ker?

  5. buat la story apa2 yg temanya pasal tabu. but story tu must be in english.... you....

  6. kalau kurang 5000 aci tak ? kalau create Taboo sendiri - cth mcm pantang dengar org mencarut ke , pantang dengan konsep matematik ke ? boleh ?

  7. 5 ker 5000 words. kalo kurang 5 tuh mmg tak aci. bole kalo citernya sedap dibaca.

  8. Shaz, da hantar - check email k :) oh nebes