Khamis, 8 September 2011

No Admission to Heaven

bab 7 dalam buku The Bookseller of Kabul by Asne Seierstad yg sedang cube dihabiskan sekarang. sila baca dan renung2kan...

When the Taliban rolled into Kabul in September 1996, sixteen decrees were broadcast on Radio Sharia. A new era had begun.

1. Prohibition against female exposure

It is prohibited for drivers to pick up women not wearing the burka, on pain of arrest. If such women are observed out on the streets, their homes will be visited and their husbands punished. If the women were inciting or attractive clothes, ans they have no close male relative with them, the driver must not let them into the car.

2. Prohibition against music

Cassettes and music are forbidden in shops, hotels, vehicles, and rickshaws. If a music cassette is found in a shop, the owner will be imprisioned and the shop closed. If a cassette is found in a vehicle, the vehicle will be impounded and the driver imprisioned.

3. Prohibition against shaving

Anyone who has shaved off or cut his beard will be imprisioned until the beard has grown to the lenght of a clenched fist.

4. Mandatory prayer

Prayer will be observed at fixed times in all districts. The exact time will be announced by the minister for the promotion of virtue and the exterminations of sin. All transport must cease fifteen minutes before the time of prayer. It is obligatory to go to the mosque during the time of prayer. Any young men seen in shops will automatically be imprisioned.

5. Prohibition against the rearing of pigeons and bird fighting

This hobby will cease. Pigeons used for the purpose of games or fights will be killed.

6. Eradication of narcotics and the users thereof

Abusers of narcotics will be imprisioned, and investigations will be instigated to flush out dealer and shop. The shop will be closed and both criminals, user and owner, will be imprisioned and punished.

7. Prohibition against kite flying

Kite flying has wicked consequences, such as gambling, death among children, and truancy. Shops selling kites will be removed.

8. Prohibition against reproduction of pictures

In vehicles, shops, houses, hotels, and other places, pictures and portraits must be removed. Proprietors must destroy all pictures in the above-mentioned places. Vehicles with pictures of living creatures will be stopped.

9. Prohibition against gambling

Centers of gambling will be flushed out and the gamblers will be imprisioned for one month.

10. Prohibition against British and American hairstyles

Men with long hair will be arrested and taken to the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Extermination of Sin to have their hair cut. The criminal will pay the barber.

11. Prohibition against interests on loans, exchange charges, and charges on transactions.

The above three type of money changing are forbidden by Islam. If the rules are broken, the criminal will be imprisioned for a lenghty period.

12. Prohibition against the washing of clothes by river embankments

Women who break this law will be respectfully picked up in the manner of Islam and taken to their houses, and their husbands will be severely punished.

13. Prohibition against music and dancing at weddings

If this prohibition is broken, the head of the family will be arrested and punished.

14. Prohibition against playing drums

The religious oligarchy will decide the appropriate punishment for anyone caught playing drums.

15. Prohibition against tailors sewing women´s clothes or taking measurements of women

If fashion magazines are found in the shop, the tailor will be imprisioned.

16. Prohibition against witchcraft

All books dealing with the subject will be burned and the magicians will be imprisioned until they repent.

In addition to the above sixteen decrees, a separate appeal, aimed at Kabul´s women, was broadcast:

"Women, you must not leave your homes. If you do, you must not be like those women who wore fashionable clothes and makeup and exposed themselves to every man, before Islam came to the country. Islam is a religion of deliverance and it has decided that a certain dignity belongs to women. Women must not make it possible to attract the attention of evil people who look lustfully upon them. A woman´s responsability is to bring up and gather her family together and attend food and clothes. If women need to leave the house, they must cover themselves up according to the law of Sharia. If women dress fashionably, wear ornamented, tight, seductive clothes to show off, they will be damned by the Islam Sharia and can never expect to go to heaven. They will be threatened, investigated, and severely punished by the religious police, as will the head of the family. The religious police have a duty and responsability to combat these social problems and will continue their efforts until this evil is uprooted."

Allahu akhbar (God is great).

*ustazah pilihan? imam muda? apa kata anda? mampu????

ps: doakan agar novel aku yg seterusnya berjudul Tabu (eng. Taboo) berada di pasaran November nih... amin.

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  1. If only we could live in a world without kites and fashion magazines, and all the women dressed like Darth Vader...that would be heaven on Earth.

  2. aku belum check pun kougar ko dekat MPH. karang2 lah. haha

  3. vivi: kaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn