Rabu, 11 Disember 2013

40 before 40 list

Orang kata life begins at 40. So kalau boleh aku nak capai semua list kat bawah ni sebelum aku mulakan hidup yang baru. Harap2 Tuhan bekalkan umur yang panjang, rezeki yang cukup dan tenaga yang banyak untuk aku laksanakan apa yang aku idamkan.

Setiap satu yang aku dah achieved, aku akan letak gambar. Saja. Untuk kenang-kenangan dan pat kat belakang aku sendiri. Doakan aku sukses!


1. Start writing a 40 before 40 list

2. Write and publish one cerpen or novel every year

3. Read at least 12 books a year

a. December 2013 - Drink, Play, F@ck by Andrew Gottlieb. 
b. January 2014 - Tandoori Nan Sekeping by various writers. 
c. January 2014 - Melayu Dari Marikh by Raja Faisal.

4. Paint or draw something at least once a month

5. Teach myself a new recipe each month

a. December 2013 - Masak Lemak Labu
b. January 2014 - Mashed Potatoes.

6. Take a walk in the park once a month

a. January 2014 - Secret Garden, 1 Utama

7. Give small gifts to Kris each month

8. Be an actor or cameo in a film/TV/video again

9. Sing in front of an audience outside of karaoke

10. Lock the Kris-Shaz padlock (preferably on the Paris bridge)

11. Have a joint book or project with Kris

12. Have a compilation CD for Kris on Xmas day every year

13. Go off the grid completely for a 24-hour period--no Internet, phone, TV, etc.

14. Visit Perhentian or Mabul Island

15. Visit London

16. Visit Japan

17. Visit Paris again – Go to Louvre this time to see the paintings and such

18. Visit Niagara Falls again

19. Visit Canada – Wanna see the difference between Canada and USA

20. Visit Hawai'i

21. Visit Utah for Sundance Film Festival

22. Visit a gay pride parade

23. Go on a cruise – preferably Alaskan or Caribbean

24. Go snorkeling

25. Go whale watching

26. Attend a sky lantern festival

27. Ride a hot air balloon

28. Witness a space launch

29. Meet Angelina Jolie and/or Zac Efron in person

30. Watch a P!nk concert

31. See a Cirque de Soleil show

32. Live in another country again

33. Adopt a Yorkie

34. Drive a car more than 5 minutes journey

35. Buy a car

36. Buy a house

37. Fix my nose

38. Get married

39. Write myself a letter, seal it and read it when I reach 40

40. Celebrating my 40th birthday with Kris

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  1. Awesome aim you got here.. Wish could be a citizen of the world like you did.. Impressive.. (Y)